Maximize Value from Data in the IoT

 Friday, June 3, 2022

Create maximum value by introducing AI and real-time analytics into devices. We will take a deep dive on the applications of Clea, the AI/IoT platform that easily connects edge electronic devices to the cloud and facilitates real-time device monitoring, analytics, infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, and more. AI can enable data-driven decision making and many other services, allowing: Data transfer on the cloud Data orchestration Real-time artificial intelligence Real-time outputs Utilizing Clea and SECO for both hardware and AI software means reducing project costs and risks and a single dedicated support infrastructure. Clea is also part of a larger Open-Source ecosystem and is also deployable on many hardware types. Attendees will learn more about: How to accelerate digital transformation How to capitalize on the cloud Data orchestration Applications fields that can benefit from an IoT/AI all-in-one platform Register and learn how to bring intelligence into industrial fields and see real applications of Clea.