9th Jun 2022

First Look at The New and Powerful Arduino Portenta X8

the new and powerful Arduino Portenta X8. See a demonstration on how this industrial-grade SOM with Linux OS (preloaded) is capable of running device-independent software by leveraging its modular container architecture.

3rd Jun 2022

Maximize Value from Data in the IoT

Create maximum value by introducing AI and real-time analytics into devices. We will take a deep dive on the applications of Clea, the AI/IoT platform that easily connects edge electronic devices to the cloud and facilitates real-time device monitoring, analytics, infrastructure management, predictive maintenance, secure remote software updates, ...

2nd Jun 2022

Using the C++ SDK Library to Perform Inference on Any Device

IoT Central MicroSession with Edge Impulse, see how to use the Edge Impulse C++ SDK library to perform inference on any platform. You will learn how to build a C++ application that includes the necessary library functions to predict class probabilities from a static set of raw features, as well as construct a Makefile to link the libraries ...